Episode: Planning for Success with Dan Gardner

Planning for Success with Dan Gardner

March 8, 2023

Are your plans working out for you? Or do you find them working against you – costing you time, money, your team and your company? Are there practical ways to create and implement a smooth and reliable plan to ensure fast delivery and accelerated results? In this episode, Tom Wheelwright and Dan Gardner breakdown what successful planning actually looks like. You and your team can begin to execute projects with quicker, optimal results time and time again – and it starts with you.

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04:30 – Constructive Slow Planning vs. Time Consuming Slow Planning
05:45 – Real planning is not what we think it is – it is actually an active learning process that requires a simulation. What does this look like within a company?
10:25 – How do you know when you’re ready to implement your project and take action? How do you separate the ideas that work and the grandios ideas that won’t, but still keep the integrity of your creativity?
16:00 – How do you create a smooth and reliable plan? What is the single most important contribution you could make to ensure a fast delivery? What happens after to allow acceleration?
24:13 – Don’t accept the superficial why. What is the fundemental why behind your why?
25:26 – Practical tips to plan better and execute better.

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Dan Gardner

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