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Attract better clients — Service higher caliber clientele who value your strategic guidance


Access to Tom Wheelwright and other WealthAbility® leaders – Your guides to a better business


Extensive training and coaching, plus in-person events, live webinars, mastery forums, and more


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Our Founder

Hi, I’m Tom Wheelwright, CPA.

Because of my speaking tours, status as a Rich Dad Advisor, best-selling books and my unique approach to wealth-building, people all over the world want me to be their personal accountant.

The problem is, I simply can’t serve them all. Nor do I want to.

Instead, I want to give these clients to YOU.

To help as many people as possible, I’m building a network of high-caliber CPAs and financial  professionals I can trust to serve these people just as I would, and to help them create tax-free wealth.

Entrepreneurs and investors around the world are desperate for accountants who can serve them at a higher level. They’re clamoring for CPAs who can think proactively and strategically about their wealth.

As a financial professional, you are uniquely positioned to step into this new opportunity. And the market is literally begging to pay you for it.

3 Pillars of Membership

Pillar #1

Get (And Keep) High-Caliber Clients

  1. Let us send you high-caliber clients
  2. Become an irreplaceable partner in your client’s wealth journey


Pillar #2

Maximize your Profit

  1. Use our WealthAbility® System to increase your profitability (even without adding any new clients)
  2. Get massive value BEFORE we even start sending you business

Pillar #3

Create Tax-Free Wealth

  1. Master the process of creating high-end wealth and tax strategies
  2. Charge premium fees your clients are happy to pay

Our Members

“New hope in my soul”

Brian on the WealthAbility® Network

“Geniously simplified”

John on the WealthAbility® Network

“The mindset is totally different”

Mark on the WealthAbility® Network

Our Values

We know that how we approach our work is just as important to our ultimate success as what we do.
We strive to live by our 4 core guiding values every day.


Have fun with taxes? At WealthAbility®, we say yes! We believe in bringing the joy to our clients, to our colleagues and to our communities.


Having fun doesn’t mean we’re not serious. Each member of the WealthAbility® team takes personal responsibility for delivering high-caliber results and world-class service for our clients.


Always respect our circumstances, the people around us and what they have to say. Never offer our opinion without first understanding the other person’s point of view and respecting where they are coming from.


You may have heard the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” At WealthAbility®, we believe that’s a recipe for staying stuck in the past. We are innovators who routinely question the status quo, looking for new ideas that will benefit our clients.

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