Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are a lot of CPA networks. What makes this one different?

If you’re looking to transform your practice, the WealthAbility® Network is the place to be. We’re a group of tax professionals hungry to make drastic improvements in the way we serve clients and work with our teams. We’re also passionate about sharing what we learn with others. 

But if you don’t want to grow your practice or you’re just looking for some casual networking events, we’re probably not a good fit. That’s OK. We know we’re not for everyone. There are lots of options that are better at casual growth or practice maintenance than we are.

What does this cost?

Based on your needs, there are several options. The annual membership offers flexible choices to fit your needs.

We highly recommend a phone call with our Director of Client Relations to review the options available. Don’t worry. It’s not a high-pressure call. We want to make sure our program is a good fit for you.

Is it true that WealthAbility® members get clients?

Once a member is WealthAbility® Certified and meets our high standards for know-how and customer service, we do pair client with our members based on the specific needs and the expertise of the member.

When do I get clients?

Quality is important. Every WealthAbility® Network member must become certified in the WealthAbility® System for tax reduction. We have found that certification can take anywhere from three to six months on average.

Once a member is certified, we can begin sending clients and have tools and resources in place to help ease the clients into the process and ensure a successful experience for you.

What kind of clients do I get?

We strive to connect you with clients who best match you and your business style. Common examples include dental practices, real estate investors, online retailers, small independent businesses, independent consultants or “gig economy” clients, and international clients.

What services are we supposed to provide to clients?

We specialize in strategic wealth and tax planning. You may also have other services that benefit the client that can be discussed with the client once the wealth & tax strategy services are fulfilled.

What's my ROI on this "membership"?

The membership should finance itself even without the clients! By focusing on practice improvement, we guarantee that you’ll see improved business results before you even begin to receive clients.

I'm sure you keep all the "good" clients for yourselves, right?

The WealthAbility® Network is about Better Clients – Better Practice – Better Life! All services are provided by our members with our support, systems, and resources.

I don't need clients. Will this be a good fit?

Many members of the WealthAbility® Network have never taken a single client but found great value in the membership. communityWe’ve heard members say over and over how encouraging and inspiring it is to be around like-minded entrepreneurs and tax professionals who understand them.  The monthly webinars, annual conferences and technical trainings are motivating and unlike any other continuing professional education.If it works for you, it works for us!

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